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A pregnant woman stands in a grassy green field with a hand on her bump in a flowing pink maternity gown

Willow Community Midwives for a Knowledgable Birth Team!

If you are looking for some additional support throughout your pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and the arrival of your new little one, then a midwife from Willow Community Midwives is the perfect fit for you! 

About Willow Community Midwives

Willow Community Midwives consists of a team of registered midwives committed to providing support, resources, and informed care throughout your pregnancy, birth, and new journey with your little one. When you choose a midwife from Willow Community Midwives, you will be able to create a trusting and loving relationship. They take the time to learn what is important to you and your family. Because they strive to provide care that is unique to you and your family’s individual needs. 

A mother to be in a large pink maternity gown stands in a park with tall grass and looks down her shoulder Willow Community Midwives


At Willow Community Midwives, they understand that birth is a holistic experience. So they provide care when you are pregnant, during your delivery and birth, and even after your little one arrives. The midwives ensure that your physical, emotional, mental, and cultural needs all get met. During your pregnancy, you will have visits with your midwife often. They will also become more frequent as you get closer to your delivery. The visits include different assessments where your midwife gets to know you and address your physical, emotional, and social health needs. 

The midwives will also complete prenatal lab tests, genetic screening, and ultrasounds throughout your entire pregnancy and any other tests and procedures that are needed. Your midwife will be present during your birth, wherever you choose. Whether in a hospital or at your home, or birthing center. 

A mother to be in an ornate pink maternity gown stands in a park by a lake with a hand on her bump and the other on her back Willow Community Midwives


The midwives at Willow Community Midwives are trained to assist in whichever setting you choose. They will work with all community partners to ensure your pregnancy and delivery are seamless and you do not have to worry about a thing. After your little one arrives, the midwives will be available for all urgent care or concerns, and they will monitor the health of you and your baby and will assist with the first feeding. They will visit right at your home up until six weeks after delivery.

Willow Community Midwives also offers the Milk Clinic. There, they assist with any feeding issues or concerns that you may be facing, and they are a support to guide you and assist along the way as challenges occur. The midwives want to support you and make this new transition as easy as possible. 

Willow Community Midwives

The team of midwives at Willow Community Midwives are knowledgeable and caring and are here for you every step of the way. However, and whenever you need it most. The midwives have a ton of resources and community referrals as well, so whatever you need, they are here for you and your family. Be sure to check them out and schedule your first consultation today! 

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