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Maternity Clinic Penticton | 2 Practices With Customized Services

Are you in search of a maternity clinic in Penticton? Here are a couple of great options that will take the best care of you!

2 Maternity Clinics in Penticton Providing Compassionate Care from Experienced Providers

South Okanagan Maternity Centre

Located within the Penticton Regional Hospital at 550 Carmi Ave, South Okanagan Maternity Centre is a collaborative team-based clinic that provides disciplinary care for parents with low-risk pregnancies. Staffed by eight family physicians and three midwives, South Okanagan Maternity Centre offers care during pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. 

The maternity team collaborates with each other to share experiences, informed knowledge, and personal strengths. Hence, you get the best care possible. Moreover, they provide seamless care with referrals to other specialists such as obstetricians, pediatricians, perinatal social workers, public health workers, and lactation consultants. 

During your visits to the state-of-the-art space within the Penticton Regional Hospital, you’ll be able to meet all of the practice’s team before your birth, as one of them will provide care during your labor and delivery within the hospital! 

When you choose Southern Okanagan Maternity Centre as your maternity home, you get access to their brilliant collective, which results in:

  • more choices during your pregnancy journey and lengthier midwife-style appointments,
  • postpartum home visits, and
  • the convenience of a hospital setting for tests, ultrasounds, and your labor and delivery services! 

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The Milk Clinic

The Milk Clinic Infant Feeding Centre is located at 587 Penticton Ave and was founded in 2022 by Tiffany Holdsworth-Taylor RM, IBCLC. As a registered midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2012, Tiffany founded The Milk Clinic to meet new families’ needs during COVID-19 service disruptions. 

Having supported over 1,000 families to help them reach their infant feeding goals, Tiffany aims to help even more, driven by her passion for troubleshooting infant feeding issues and her love of working with families. Tiffany is joined by Dr. Jessica Pow, MD, CCFP, who has been a family physician since 2018. 

During her early years in medical school, Jessica realized her passion for maternity care and obstetrics. This led her to breastfeeding medicine and her aspiring goal to become an IBCLC. With The Milk Clinic’s team focused on infant feeding success, they really focus their efforts on setting you up for success from the start and helping you prepare as much as possible for breastfeeding. 

The Milk Clinic offers:

  • prenatal consultations,
  • hospital support,
  • in-person clinic appointments to help with complete feeding assessments,
  • physical evaluations of babies,
  • specialized prescriptions and procedures as needed,
  • virtual care, helping you get off to a good start, solving existing challenges, and more! 

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Maternity Clinic Penticton

The Milk Clinic and the South Okanagan Maternity Centre are both outstanding, supportive clinics that are there for you every step of the way and more than qualified to assist with breastfeeding, pregnancy, and beyond! These maternity clinics in Penticton provide stellar services by dedicated staff, giving you the desired experience.

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