West Kelowna Sports

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West Kelowna Sports Photos 2022

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Picture day is coming soon and Alysha Spencer Photography is excited to photograph your child/children this year. We can’t wait to provide you a fun photo experience and a ton of photo items for you to choose from. 

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Items Available for Purchase

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West Kelowna Minor Baseball League is providing ONE FREE Memory Mate for each player! This includes your player’s individual pose as well as the team pose on ONE 8×10 Memory Mate. 

Each player MUST use the form below to receive their FREE Memory Mate.  

This year we will be offering the following products as a pre-order. These will not be available for purchase after the order deadline of Tuesday June 21, 2022. Only individual prints will be available after the order after deadline. 

Personalized Trader Cards (Sets of 8)

Additional Memory Mates

Photo Magnets

Prints (wallets up to 8×10)

Digital Images 

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How to purchase photos

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Click the button above or below to start your order form. We use the online form to gather your info. Once the online form is complete and submitted you will receive an email that includes a link to our official online order form. Here is where you will be able to pre-order your products. 

Payments are required in FULL before any order is placed. 

Online Contact form must be completed to receive your FREE Memory Mate.

Additional product orders are not required, but are appreciated. 

Have a Question? Browse the Frequently Asked Questions below before sending us an email! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Before you send us an email with a question, browse our frequently asked questions and see if we can’t answer your question here first. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, shoot us a message hello@alyshaspencer.com

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You will still be able to order digital images and standard prints up to 8×10. Your order will be subject to an additional late order fee. This fee will include shipping directly to your home.

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Yes, for an additional $5 you can add your player’s name. You will be able to add this option on your quote. 

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Photos will NOT be available for viewing before the pre-order deadline on June 21st.

Parents wanting to view their players photo before ordering anything more than their FREE Memory Matewill have the option to do so AFTER the group pre-orders have been ordered and photos have been edited. 

If you choose to wait until after the pre-order deadline, PLEASE NOTE:
​- You will NOT be able to order specialty products like trader cards and magnets 
​- Only 5×7 and 8×10 prints  and digital images will be available for purchase
​-A LL orders will be subject to a late order/shipping fee
​- Orders will be shipped directly to your home
​- Please allow for approximately 3-4 weeks from your photo day for online gallery to be available

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We are professional photographers who specialize in photographing children, so we really are going to do our best to capture the best smile of your player. We know how important it is to you that your player has a smile on their face while they’re posing, and we’ll work hard to make sure that happens!

If your player does end up with a silly or goofy smile, think of this as a memory in time that you will love to have later—and one day, when your player is older and doesn’t want any more pictures taken, you’ll be able to look back at this one and laugh.

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In the event you are unable to make your scheduled team photo day, we have the following options available:
Tuesday June 14th & Friday June 17th & Monday June 20th 
You are welcome to bring your Player dressed in their ball gear and jump in for an individual photo on any of the alternate dates! Please note: these dates are subject to change so check with us if you are planning to attend a date that differs from your scheduled photo day. 
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Once ALL of the teams have had the chance to be photographed we will get to work on product orders. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. We will do our best to get these in your hands as quickly as possible.