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RV Rental Okanagan With RVezy for Incredible Family Memories

Taking your family on vacation sounds wonderful, but as a mom, that dream can quickly become a nightmare. Other than a stay-cation, trying to plan a drive anywhere with little ones in tow who will need frequent bathroom breaks and tire of their baby and child safety seats does not sound like the fun you had planned. Additionally, trying to manage a fussy child on an airplane is enough to give anyone second thoughts. But there IS another option! You can travel comfortably in an RV and enjoy the scenic route while taking pictures along the way! The best part, you don’t have to own an RV for this fun adventure. You only need an RV rental in Okanagan to get your family on the road and enjoy your much-needed holiday.

About RV Rental in Okanagan With RVezy 

Owners Michael McNaught, a former Ottawa police officer, and Will Thompson, a former Canadian Armed Forces Veteran, had a couple of RVs and a passion for the outdoors and adventure. 

They knew they had to offer a change when they saw the sad reality that millions of RVs were sitting idle every year instead of creating family memories. Hence, in 2016 their love for adventure led to the creation of RVezy, one of the first peer-to-peer RV rental marketplaces. 

While they may not have created road trips to festivals, camping, and family gatherings, they did create a new way to obtain those beautifully enriching moments. At RVezy, they believe that RVs were made for chasing adventures and creating lasting memories, not sitting and collecting dust. 

They even encourage everyone working for them to hit the road in an RV and understand the lifestyle. This way, they can help each client find the right set of wheels for their destination.

An RV sits parked at a campsite with a picnic table and fire pit RV Rental Okanagan


Whether you need an RV for a couple’s getaway or a family trip, or you have an RV you’d like to rent out for a couple or family to have the perfect vacation, RVezy has you covered! My family personally has our RV listed on RVezy to share with other amazing families visiting the area!

You can even select the amenities to make the most of your trip. They have RVs to fit many family sizes so that you can travel in comfort and style.

Grey truck hauling a tow behind RV parks next to a hill covered in trees RV Rental Okanagan


RVezy is all about making your trip as easy as possible. They offer delivery and airport pick-up. They also have an option for an RV Cottage experience. These RVs are not meant to be towed or driven but stay on the host’s property, where you can camp in your own space! How convenient!

You, of course, want to fill your family photo albums with unforgettable memories from such a unique trip. I am here to help you do just that through Alysha Spencer Photography. One of my passions is creating images you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come. This trip allows for capturing incredible memories!

RV Rental Okanagan

Traveling with children doesn’t have to be cramped or the nightmare you fear. When you go through an RV rental in Okanagan, like RVezy, you’re setting up your holidays for more fun. The pictures and memories from each trip will be something your children will cherish for years to come.

Now that you found an affordable and fun family vacation, it’s time to find a photographer! I love helping families navigate life in Okanagan as well as renting my own RV on the RVezy! So check out the blog links below for more work from my photography portfolio and other helpful Okanagan family tips! Then reach out to chat about your dream photo session!

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