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Newlyweds stand in a vineyard staring at each other while holding a white bouquet Covert farms family estate

Covert Farms Family Estate for Family Outings & Events

The perfect family gathering space from outings to weddings doesn’t exist…or does it? It certainly does!! Covert Farms Family Estate has everything you need for the perfect day, casual or formal. From those young to teenage years, it can be hard to find a place that excites both the kids and adults of the family. So when I came across the Covert Farms Family Estate and found it doubled as the perfect wedding venue, I knew I had to spread the word. 

About The Covert Farms Family Estate 

This beautiful family estate, conveniently located at 300 Covert Place Oliver BC V0H1T5, started when George and Winnifred Covert grew tired of their California home and life. They dreamed of something more. The couple wanted to grow fruit and vegetables, so in 1959 George Covert made a trip to see a possible location. 

When he arrived, there was no doubt he found the land that would make their dreams come true. He promptly went home with good news and excitement and told his wife, Winnifred, they were to move to Canada!

After years of hard work and many dedicated and loving hands later, Covert Farms Family Estate is cherished by more than just the Covert family. The estate brings joy to those who visit and enjoy the beauty of the vineyard, wine, and regenerative farming. 

The Covert family is passionate about sustainability and tries to implement it throughout their land and every aspect of their farm. Their estate is over 200 acres and has produced award-winning wines. Furthermore, it offers culinary experiences like its farm-to-table restaurant, cooking classes, and farm tours. 

green Grapes hang from a vine in a vineyard Covert farms family estate


Getting ready to say “I do”? Your wedding day is special and deserves a memorable location that offers a stunning backdrop at every turn. Their unique space offers: 

  • lush gardens, 
  • rolling hills, 
  • vineyards, 
  • accommodating event staff, 
  • catering team, and 
  • wedding planners to make your wedding a dream come true. 

From their charming White Barn to their stunning rustic patio, they offer beautiful and romantic options to hold your ceremony and reception. You can enjoy good music and delicious food and celebrate your momentous occasion with others in the most beautiful way.

toddler boy in a brown baseball tee while mom holds and tickles him

Family Events

Are you looking for a fun way to pull your kids from the screen or their rooms? Your family can enjoy a gorgeous day of: 

  • exploring vineyards, 
  • taking in nature’s views, and even 
  • partaking in a kid-friendly juice tasting! 

Plan your trip during one of their events or festivals for extra fun and excitement. No matter the occasion, the Covert family is dedicated to making each experience a beautiful one full of unforgettable memories.

Covert Farms Family Estate

Covert Farms Family Estate offers so many possibilities when it comes to gathering with others. From big to small, casual and relaxed to elegant and romantic, you can’t go wrong with this breathtaking location. This remarkable estate has so much to offer, from memorable family outings to exciting future events!

Your dream farm and vineyard wedding just found it’s venue, so now it’s time to find your photographer! I love helping couples capture their special day and helping plan along the way! So check out more work from my portfolio and helpful Okanagan wedding tips in the blog links below! Reach out today to chat about your dream wedding photos!

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