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Nixon | 5 years old

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Well, I am feeling extra sentimental about this birthday in particular. Why you ask? Because my firstborn is turning five, did you hear that? FIVE!! While 5 is such a small number in this big journey we call life, it’s the biggest milestone since turning 1 and he starts kindergarten this year (insert crying face here)

This last year has been full of amazing growths and firsts for Nixon. From learning to write the letters in his name to sleeping in his own bed all on his own! We are so proud of the smart, funny, wild boy Nixon has become and we can’t wait to see what is in store for him this next year.

Some important memories from this last year are:

• He loves the snow! To anyone who knows what the last few years were like, this is a big win lol.

• Let’s play ball! Whether it was playing tball with his team, ball hockey in the driveway with dad or hitting balls at the local driving range with the fam, he is showing a huge love for all kinds of sports.

• He is trying new foods. Nixon is super picky unless it is pizza, swirly toast, rice, chicken or fruit snacks. I am proud that he has been trying new things these last few months even if he still doesn’t like them.

• He loves to dance! Baby shark is currently a big hit around here, as is the macarena (thanks Hotel Transylvania lol) Keep your eyes out on my Instagram stories for some awesome dancing videos!

• He is going to bed on his own in his big boy bed! This was a huge win for us this year, night time has always been a challenge with Nixon. We are so grateful that he is finally going to bed on his own with little fuss and with his favourite stuffies at his side (oh and currently he is rocking no shirt most nights because he wants to sleep like dad lol)

• Lego anyone? My best friend’s son handed down all his old lego to Nixon and he has been building and adding to his collection ever since. I love seeing his imagination run wild and all the little creations he makes.

• He is finally showing an interest in his big boy bike. Even though he will definitely still be on training wheels for a bit longer, he is wanting to ride the big bike over his strider. A good friend rewarded him with popsicles for this win!

• Here fishy, fishy! Although he has taken the same swim class about 4 times now he is showing huge improvement in the pool. He is gaining confidence and learning how to float and swim without any help.

• No future hockey star here! We learned last month that he is not a fan of ice skating, he wants to ride in the stroller like Brookie lol.

• He can write all the letters in his name, but we are still working on getting them in the right order. I love seeing him recognize all the letters in his name

I hope you enjoy some of the photos from our family adventures this year. Each year comes with amazing new memories! We logged a lot of these great memories camping with our trailer this year. Whether it was Cultas Lake, Birch Bay or our epic trip to Oregon then California, Nixon was in his glory. He loves “his trailer” and is always asking when we can go next.

Edited to add: When prepping this blog post I realized a few things:

First, I really need to make the time to edit my personal photos. They are just as important as editing for my clients. I think I will designate on day or night a month to organizing and editing my personal photos.

Two, I have barely taken out my “good” camera this year. I need to make it a priority to drag my camera out and photograph the kids more. iPhone photos can be great but nothing beats the quality of a good professional photo.

Three, I am so grateful for this gift that is photography. It allows me to not only take great photos of my kids, but also to document them in a way that is genuine and timeless. I hope they treasure these photos as they get older and I hope one day their kids appreciate and enjoy these photos as well <3

Valentines Mini Session

My lighting model for my Valentines Day Mini’s this year!

Birch Bay camping

Our first time camping in Birch Bay!

Big Sur road trip

Checking out the amazing views in Big Sur.

Daycare graduation

Daycare graduation day! Even though he isn’t technically in school till the end of this year.

5th birthday cars cake smash

5th Birthday Cake smash!! Cars theme of course.

Family photos in California with Staci Stack Photography

stacie stack photography

Always yelling lol

thanksgiving portrait session

Posing with his baby sister on one of his moms sets.

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