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Brooklyn 2 years old | Cake Smash

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

It is so hard to believe that it was two whole years ago that I was in labour awaiting the arrival of my baby girl. My delivery went from pretty normal to chaotic in a hot minute and looking back now that was a clear indication of what the next two years with this girl would look like lol.

This sassy, determined, independent girl is always keeping me on my toes. One minute she is my sweet little polite toddler and the next she turns into a complete sassy pants (which is what I assume is a preview of what to expect in her teenage years).

The last year has been full of amazing memories with Brooklyn. Even though she hit a lot of her milestones early on, she is constantly impressing us with how quickly she picks up on things. She has to keep up with her big brother Nixon after all! She is currently crushing potty training (at least when she is at home) and she is repeating everything we say (time to put the F-bombs back in the vault for a few years lol) I forgot how much I love this age, while the attitude is sure a challenge, this stage is where they mispronounce their words in the most amazing ways. She is currently enjoying muck aka milk and love to put on her jack jack aka jacket. lol.

Some fun facts about Brooklyn:

• She loves Mimmi aka Minnie Mouse. She has been obsessed since our trip to Disneyland last year.

• She is a great eater! Loves broccoli, chicken and of course cheese.

• She has some serious moves, loves Drake just like her momma lol.

• She can be found yelling at BEBE at Google when she wants to hear Baby Shark.

• She is tiny, we have bumped her up to wearing 12-18 months although she still fits in all her 6-12 month pants.

• She is a great sleeper, we really lucked out here. She goes to bed most nights with no fuss and generally sleeps through the night. Naps, however, are a whole other story haha.

• She loves her baby dolls. Loves to feed them a bubba and loves to say shhh while she rocks them in her arms.

• She loves to put everything in her mouth, while this is great for food, it is not so great for everything else lol.

To my baby girl on your second birthday. You are a strong willed one, while I may find you challenging most days, I love your determination and independence, I hope that one day those qualities will help you achieve great things in life. I see so much of myself in you and while most days I am scared from the stories that grandma has told me, haha, the rest of the days I am proud to call you my daughter and I know you will go through life with a good head on your shoulders . I love you sweet girl. Happy Birthday <3

Now about her smash, a lot of the decor for this set was either, things I DIY’d myself or items I already had in studio.

Shop for Brooklyn’s outfit from Old Navy

Minnie mouse ears from Amazon

Floral hoops and Minnie heads made by me

Eyelashes courtesy of her momma 😉 lol

Floral Minnie Mouse Cake Smash
Floral Cake Smash
Minnie Mouse Birthday
Pink Minnie Mouse Cake Smash
Floral Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Smash
Maple Ridge Cake Smash
Mission Cake Smash Photographer

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