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3 Kelowna Midwives to consider for the best birthing experience

Kelowna Midwives are health-care providers that offer highly supportive care to pregnant women and their newborns during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as postpartum. They play an important role in helping provide a holistic and client-centred experience. If you are pregnant or expecting to be soon, consider these 3 Kelowna midwives to prepare you for the best birthing experience possible.


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3 Kelowna Midwives to consider for the best birthing experience


Malachite Midwives is easily the most raved about team in Kelowna. These amazing women go above and beyond for their clients in a caring and compassionate way. They provide you with individualized care and one-to-one support. Wether you choose a home birth or hospital birth, their team will support you through your entire journey, including postpartum care. Uniquely, Malachite Midwives have their very own personal birthing suites available for you to use should you choose to go that route. This sought after team tends to fill up quickly so contact them as soon as possible. 


This remarkable duo are the epitome of team work. You will see both Laura and Meghan during your pregnancy and postpartum care. These wonderful women provide their clients with personalized, evidence-based, family centred, midwifery care. Clients can’t say enough about their genuine compassion, taking the time to both listen and respect your concerns, questions and decisions. In addition to their midwifery services, they also offer breastfeeding support and prenatal classes. Nearing the end of your pregnancy, as well as during the first few weeks of your precious newborn’s life, they offer in home visits. Their goal is to provide women and their families with a positive, calm, and individualized journey from start to finish.


This full service clinic is another great option. With a number of midwives to choose from, you are guaranteed to receive professional care based on your individual needs and wishes. Clients especially appreciate that these charismatic midwives recognize the importance of being available via phone for any questions or concerns that arise in between appointments. Aside from midwife care, they conveniently have both a registered nurse and a doctor onsite in the event that you become high risk or need additional medical care. Everything you need, all in one place!

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With a midwife, your pregnancy journey will feel less medical and rather holistic, allowing you to really soak in this natural life process and embrace the miracle of pregnancy. In addition to having a passionate midwife on your birthing team, you might also consider a Doula by your side through this remarkable journey. Check out this blog post if you are looking for a Doula to add to your birthing support team.  

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