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Kelowna Doulas to Calmly Guide Your Through Your Birth Process

Have you heard all the hype about the many Kelowna Doulas? If you’re expecting or hoping to soon, a doula could be an asset to your pregnancy and birthing experience. You might wonder what a doula is if you don’t already know. A doula is a professional labor assistant. They are dedicated to providing physical and emotional support to you and your partner during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. They help deliver information, help with communication, and can also offer assistance with breastfeeding. Each doula is different and unique, but all have a passion for helping each family have a beautiful and empowering birthing experience. If an extra set of helpful hands, guidance, and a wealth of extra information sounds like just the thing for your journey, these Kelowna Doulas.

Three Kelowna Doulas To Support You Every Step Of The Way

All Birth

Birth doula, childbirth educator, and placenta specialist, Kathleen Stanford has been in the Kelowna birthing business for over a decade. She believes there is no one size fits all pregnancy and birthing journey for everyone and aims to educate and support all forms of birth.

With Kathleen’s Kelowna doulas services, you will receive support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. You can also reach out anytime for any questions or concerns. You will have access to information and support for nutrition, fitness, education for pregnancy and birthing, and breastfeeding.

All Birth also offers classes for a better birth to learn and prepare for everything, baby. You can take advantage of her Birth Pool and TENS Machine Rentals during labor. She will also provide Placenta Encapsulation if you would like. All Birth has you covered for everything in your pregnancy journey!

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Hatch Doula

Passionate doula and mom of 4, Kristi McCarty has supported growing Kelowna families for over five years. She understands firsthand just how detailed and complex it is to navigate, plan, and prepare for a more positive and empowering birthing experience. So she aims to make this time easier for your growing family.

At Hatch, you can choose from three types of Kelowna doulas. They offer services of Maternity, Birth, and Postpartum doulas. With a Maternity Doula, you will have guidance and support throughout to help plan your birth. Likewise, Birth Doulas provide an extra set of hands to being a calming presence. She’s ready to nurture you. After delivery, a Postpartum Doula offers 2-3 follow-up visits after your baby arrives. She can help with breastfeeding support and provide resources. 

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Natasha Brisbin

With unwavering and customized support, Natasha Brisbin loves guiding and supporting growing families through all their ups and downs and between their pregnancy and postpartum journey and healing. From emotional and physical to informational support, she takes time to individualize her services to every family.

With two prenatal visits, she helps develop a plan that best supports your needs. During birth, she will bring comfort and support to the entire delivery and see that you and your new baby have settled. She includes one postpartum visit to ensure your transition is going well and to see your newest little one.

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Kelowna Doulas

These Kelowna Doulas can bring your unique and beautiful experience so much support, confidence, and wisdom. It’s no wonder there is so much hype for Doulas!

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