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Your VA 4 a Day Virtual Assistant Services For Photographers


Are you drowning in to do’s? Do you want to do less in the back end of your photography business? Do you wish you could hire an assistant but don’t want to commit to hiring or training a part-time or full-time team member? Do you wish you could have someone step in and help you organize your systems and workflows without having to train them on the flows of Photography first? Let me introduce you to Your VA 4 a Day Virtual Assistant Services for Photographers.

Let me introduce myself

Hey I’m Alysha, your photography virtual assistant & 17 hats consultant. As a photographer myself since 2011 and a momma of 2, I know all about what it’s like to be unorganized, overwhelmed and not have a streamlined system and processes in place for my client experience.

virtual assistant services for photographers

Your VA 4 a Day Virtual Assistant Services For Photographers


Before I got into photography I spent most of my 20’s working in an admin-type setting where I thrived at organizing and creating systems for my employers. I jumped into photography head first and I was both thrilled and overwhelmed at how quickly my business grew! I knew what I had to do to streamline my client workflow but couldn’t seem to find or make the time to get my systems in place amongst all the editing and shooting that took priority.

Not only is it exhausting trying to wear all the hats in your business, but by not having streamlined business practices you are costing yourself time, money and even referrals.

Mama, you deserve an organized and efficient system in place that allows you to get back to spending more time with your family and less time on time-sucking tasks on your never ending to do list.

That’s where I come in!


  1. First up, request pricing by sending in a quick request HERE.
  2. Let’s hop on a quick free call to see where are at in your business. I will ask you about your current processes and systems you have in place and figure out where we need to go from there.
  3. I will work alongside you or for you in setting up an automated system of templates and workflows completely custom for your business.
  4. Pop the champs because you next time you go through your client workflow you can sit back and let the automation work for you while you spend more time with your family!

For years my website has needed a complete overhaul but the thought of tackling it was always too overwhelming. I sent it off to Alysha and within a few hours she had it complete. I couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to have it looking fresh and up to date! From adding new pages, to updating images/titles/text, and social media graphics, she did it all! If you are looking for a professional and efficient virtual assistant, Alysha is your girl!! – Lynda

Your VA 4 a day is available in multiple our-based packages the hours can be used in one whole day, weekly or monthly! Hours must be used up in one month.


This will be based on your personal needs and which package you include but the options are endless!

• 17 hats (inquire for others) account set up

• Your packages, prices, and payment schedule(s) added into the system;

• Copies of your existing contracts in 17 hats with fillable forms and signature fields;

• Questionnaires and lead captures created with the help of my questionnaire templates (purchase here)

• Your email templates are added into the canned emails section (purchase my email templates here)

• Automated workflow based on the client experience we discuss in your complementary Strategy Session;

• Manual aspects of your client experience added to a task board or workflow to-dos for you to keep track of your tasks;

• Current clients added to CRM system

Lead capture forms to put on your website

• A customized tutorial on how to use 17 hats and an opportunity to have your questions answered in a live q&a.

• Social media content strategy

• Marketing strategies

and much, much more!

These services are for you if, you want help streamlining your social media, marketing or client workflows, without having to commit to adding a new team member to your payroll. If you want to get rid of the guesswork of coming up with your own systems strategies and plans then you want in on this!

You choose the area where you want help, then choose a project-based package or simply how many hours you want to invest and together we work on a plan and take action on getting these systems in place.

Ready to get your time back? Let’s chat!

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