Alysha Spencer

Kelowna Maternity Photographer

Travelling Dress Series | Part 2

Ashley was my second model for the Travelling Dress Series! She is expecting her second baby girl in just a few short weeks and she looked absolutely stunning in this gown. We ventured down to the river here in Mission. I drive by this spot nearly every day and I always think to myself, I wonder how I get down there it looks like a pretty spot for photos. Well I was right, this spot was perfect. It had mountains, it had a field and it even had mountains! I will definitely be back to shoot at this location again.

As for this travelling dress experience!! What a cool idea. I was the only Canadian in this group amongst a bunch of American photographers and it was so amazing to see how differently we all photographed this dress. I would love to do this with some other photographers. Who is in? Maybe this is something we can do here 🙂

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