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Top 8 Reasons to Book a Spring Photoshoot

Today I am sharing my top 8 reasons to book your photoshoot during the spring time!

It’s no secret that Fall is the fan favourite when it comes to the time of year to update your family photos. But I have to be honest, I think Spring is hugely underrated and Im going to tell you why! 

I love the spring for so many reasons but I am usually so over winter by the time Spring rolls around and can’t wait for the warmer days, longer evenings, spring flowers, oh and my birthday of course 😉 

1. The Weather

While yes here in BC there is still a good chance it could rain on your session day but we could also get sunshine and/or snow. Here in the Okanagan we don’t get a ton of rain so the odds are we might just end up with an overcast day, which is actually a great backdrop for photos. If you want to beat the summer heat aim for late Spring when the weather really starts to warm up. 

2. The Sunsets

Everyone loves photos at sunset, am I right? But when you have small kids in tow it can wreak havoc on bedtime. Trying to keep them up past 7pm with a smile on their face can be a challenge. Having photos done in Spring lets you still get that gorgeous sunset but at a much earlier time than in the summer months. 

3. Locations are Less Busy 

Those hot spots that EVERYONE and their dog wants their photos taken at are so over crowded during the summer months. During the Spring, since people are generally waiting till Summer or Fall to have their photos taken means these hot spots are way less busy during the spring months. 

4. The Scenery/Flowers

Even if the flowers aren’t in bloom yet the grass is getting greener and the trees are starting to fill out. Let’s just try to avoid the real muddy areas after a big rain fall. 

5. Apple & Cherry Blossoms Anyone?

My favourite!! I just love when the Apple and Cherry Blossoms start to bloom. We have some amazing Orchards full of Apple Blossoms here in the Okanagan, but don’t wait too long they are only in bloom for a short time. I can’t wait to get out and shoot in them this year.

6. Lighter Clothing Choices

You can ditch the winter boots and bulky coats. Opt for some shorter booties or a light sweater/coat instead. If its a chilly day, layer your clothes. Throw on a lighter jacket that pairs with your outfit, wear a sweater instead and of course you can snuggle under a cute blanket to stay warm, while getting some cute candid photos at the same time. 

7. No Mosquitos 

Seriously, those pesky bugs can be the worst during the Summer. Beating mosquito season by having photos done in the Spring is a win in my books!!

8. Last but not least.. Gifts!

Spring photos make for a perfect mother’s day gift. Turn your photos into a work of art by investing in some professional quality artwork and products to give mom for Mother’s Day. I guarantee you she will love it. Not ready for photos, now is also a great time to grab a gift certificate for a session this year. Ask me how you can get one

If you are thinking of booking a session this spring, let’s chat! Click the work with me link to get the conversation started. 

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