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Top 5 tips | For booking your Cake Smash Session

When it comes to booking your baby’s first birthday cake smash session I am sure you have a lot of burning questions:

When should I book my session?

How do I decide on a theme?

What about the cake?

Where do I shop for outfits?

Who does the clean up?

Cake smash sessions are some of my favorites! It can be unrealistic to expect your 1-year-old to sit and pose in the studio for an hour to get some great portraits. A cake smash allows for us to get some of the traditional portraits, followed by cake and a bubble bath. Sounds pretty good to me lol.


I encourage parents to book when baby is around 11 months. Why? I have a few reasons….. Generally, we have a good chance baby isn’t walking yet which means we have an even better chance they will stay put 😉 This gives me time to get your photos edited and back in time for you to share or print for their actual birthday and/or birthday party. Decided to do a cake smash a little late? No worries, we really can do them at any time, this is just my recommendation.


Some parents know exactly what they want for their child’s first birthday theme and some parents are overwhelmed with all the options. I knew when my son was just a few months old that I wanted his first birthday to be nautical themed lol. (I also wished I had done his room in this theme!) For my daughter’s birthday, we went with a flamingo theme since I am obsessed!! Think about their favorite items, toys, shows, and colors in their room. Get a few ideas if you aren’t set on one and then head to Pinterest for some decor inspiration.


Keeping the cake simple helps keep the focus where it belongs, on your baby! I am happy to provide a simple, timeless white cake. I can also ice the cake in a color to match your set. If you are looking for a more elaborate style cake, that’s ok too! You are welcome to order and supply your own custom cake. If you need a recommendation for a baker, I work with the best in the business and have a go-to team! You’ll LOVE them! Just let me know and I’ll send you their information. I know they’ll take good care of you!

It can be a good idea to let them try some cake and icing before the session. Most kids have never had sugar like this before so they either love it or hate it, there is no knowing until they try it first.

Don’t want to do cake at all, no problem! There are lots of alternatives we can do to a cake. Donuts, ice cream, spaghetti, watermelon. The opportunities are endless. Pick their favourite food and let them get messy.


Rompers or jeans with suspenders make for the best outfit choice in my opinion. Keeping their outfits classic helps keep the focus on them and the set stands out. I have a large variety of options in my client wardrobe for your use. But if you would like to buy something specific to your theme I am happy to help you source something out! Keep in mind if you are ordering online some things can take quite some time so order early not to disappoint.


The splash undoubtedly makes for my favourite photos from the session. You get to choose from the mini tub or a metal basin and you have your choice of bubble bath, milk bath or fruit bath! I love to encourage parents to get these blown up BIG to display in their bathroom. Check out mine for inspiration.

The best part about doing the cake smash in my studio… you get to make the mess and go home. You’re welcome lol. I’ll do all the clean up just make sure you bring extra clothes, for everyone!! You will be covered in cake no matter how hard you try, trust me.


1. Kids don’t always love their cake! Don’t be disappointed if they don’t dive in like other photos you have seen. Even if your child doesn’t touch the cake, we can still get some amazing photos that will look like they did.

2. Bring a few of their favourite snacks, the smaller the better! I can’t tell you how many times I have used goldfish or stars to shove in the cake to get them to eat it or even just touch it lol. It really does work.

3. Bring a wooden spoon just incase! Some kids don’t like to get messy, getting icing on their hands can mean tears. Sometimes we can get them to eat the cake if they are using a spoon instead.

And there you have it!! My top 5 tips for your cake smash session, plus a few extras. Contact me when you are ready to book or if you have any questions about booking.

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