Top 5 tips | Documenting your family with photos!

If you followed along during my Mini Club launch then you may have caught on that I was pushing you to start documenting your legacy through photographs (if you aren’t already). We have cameras at our fingertips each and every day so what is stopping you from taking photos of your most important people?

1. Choosing a camera!

Decide what you are going to use to take pictures of your family. Are you going to invest in a digital camera or are you going to use your smart phone? If you have an old smartphone now might be the time to invest in a new one with a fancy new camera.

2. Practice makes perfect!

Long are the days of savouring your film for that perfect shot. Digital allows us to shoot fast and furious! Take lots of photos (especially when you have small/busy kids) You can delete the ones that dont turn out. But before you do, take note of what you liked, what you didn’t like and what you need to do better.

3. Keep your photos safe!

Back up your photos somewhere safe. If you are using a digital camera, back your photos up on an external hard drive, then use an online back up like Dropbox. If you are using your smartphone, set your phone to automatically back up to somewhere like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. Don’t wait until your device is full (or worse, it crashes) before backing up your photos. You can set a date in your calendar each month to remind you to do this.

4. Share and Print your photos!

Share your photos with friends and family online through Instagram and/or facebook. Use your instagram account to create albums through an online company like Chatbooks.

5. Hire a professional!

Professional photography is an investment, but its one you won’t regret making. A few reasons to bring in a pro;

– someone is always missing in the photo (usually mom) so having professional photos done means EVERYONE gets to be in the photo.

– I know what it’s like to photograph my own kids, it’s um, fun lol. Let someone else do all the work while you sit back and engage with your loved ones.

– A professional photographer will provide high-resolution images that you can enlarge without comprising the quality.

If you are ready to book your very own photo session with Alysha Spencer Photography, head on over to the Work With Me page and fill out that contact form.

Just a few of my personal iPhone photos to show you that you can get great smartphone photos with some practice and good lighting 🙂

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