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Ready to hear 38 fun facts about me in celebration of my 38th Birthday?? Keep reading….

Well today is my 38th birthday and it is just crazy to me because honestly, it doesn’t feel real that I am nearing the end of my 30’s. Age truly is just a number and there are so many unrealistic expectations of what we should have accomplished with each year that goes on. We each have different versions of success and what it looks like to us and for me, as a woman who is happily married with 2 crazy kids and a photography business of my own, I can definitely say I am not complaining. My 30’s have been the best years of my life so far. The majority of my most treasured memories were made in this decade between 30-40. So cheers to being 38 and making the most out of the next 2 years before the big 40!

This is now my second covid birthday and while I am definitely missing the celebratory birthday lunches and dinners with friends and family, I am looking forward to spending the day with my hubby while the kids are at school and daycare. Starting with him getting up first, dropping the kids off and putting coffee on so I don’t have too. It really is the simple things in life… lol.

In honor of my 38th birthday I thought it would be fun to share 38 interesting facts about me that you may or may not already know. So grab your favourite drink (I will be finishing off this bottle of champagne throughout the day today lol) and get ready to scroll:

  1. My favourite color is pink but for most of my life my favourite color has always been blue.
  2. I love the ocean and the sand between my toes but I bet you won’t catch me going in for a swim.
  3. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, I loved being pregnant but I wasn’t prepared for how challenging it would be. I constantly struggle with mom guilt and the reality that motherhood isn’t always “enjoyable”.
  4. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Even in the trying times I try to find something to take away from each situation.
  5. I love watching Tik Tok videos. All the videos of couples messing with each other, awkward people trying to learn new dance moves and moms who show the true side to mom life make me feel like I am normal haha.
  6. I am an aries and my sign says alot about me.
  7. I always put my cream in my coffee first, it tastes “creamier” that way haha.
  8. I was raised by an amazing single mom and never knew my dad.
  9. I can’t stand awkward silence so I tend to talk a lot in uncomfortable situations.
  10. Ketchup chips are my favourite.
  11. I can’t really swim. Once I fell in a pool and my mom had to dive in after me fully clothed. Ironically I had to jump in after Brookie last year when she went barreling into a hot tub in Birch Bay.
  12. Both my pregnancies ended up in a csection.
  13. I have naturally curly hair but I have straightened it for so many years now that you would never know.
  14. My favourite flowers are Tulips, daisies come in as a close second.
  15. Pre kids I spent most of my free time scrapbooking.
  16. I have always loved horror movies. Brian won’t watch them with me anymore so I’m looking for new friends who will lol.
  17. In 2019 I had a pap that came back abnormal. In 2020 I went for a procedure that showed I had precancerous cells which resulted in another procedure to remove part of my cervix. This was such a scary and eye opening experience for me and I haven’t told many people about it. Ladies don’t delay your paps, I am so lucky this was caught early!!
  18. I love gardening but hate having dirt under my nails.
  19. My favourite non alcoholic drink is Pink Lemonade, besides coffee of course!
  20. My favourite alcoholic drinks are Mimosas and Caesars.
  21. I am an epicure consultant because I love it so much!!
  22. I only listen to rap and hip hop music. 2000’s rap and hip hop is my jam.
  23. I love to travel and live for that vacation feeling. I am currently working on making our new home feel like a permanent vacation since travelling isn’t in our foreseeable future.
  24. I danced growing up. Hip hop was my favourite but I also loved jazz and tap. I feel like I have no rhythm but I have fun so that’s all that matters right? lol.
  25. I love pedicures and actually took a nail tech program in my 20s.
  26. I am a very sarcastic person and that can sometimes be taken as bitchy haha.
  27. Brian and I started dating when I was just 19 but we met for the first time when I was only 13.
  28. I’m an Extroverted Introvert, my energy level is hugely based off my surroundings. Things can either energize me or drain me, there is no in between.
  29. My feet are a size bigger since having kids. None of my favourite shoes fit and I am crushed I will never wear my wedding shoes again. Maybe Brookie will!!
  30. I have been in several serious car accidents (only one where I was driving) and I not only suffer from a lot of random injuries but there was a time where I refused to get behind the wheel again for several months. I even went to counselling. It worked!!
  31. I love nothing more than a warm breeze on a summer night.
  32. I have been to Las Vegas more than 10 times, each time was with Brian.
  33. I love to rewatch old shows and listen to old school music that brings back feel good memories.
  34. I am an enneagram 7 and when i first did the test I was overwhelmed with how much I could relate to it. I felt like a lot of the things I learned about the enneagram types have helped me be more confident in myself and my personality traits. Click HERE to take the test for yourself!
  35. Hot wings and Kraft Dinner are two foods I could never live without.
  36. Seeing fireflies is the #1 thing on my bucket list.
  37. I am a procrastinator and work best under pressure, even though I have the best intentions of not procrastinating lol.
  38. I couldn’t hear until I was about 5. I had surgery to put tubes in my ears twice and I learned how to talk by lip reading.

If you made it all the way to the end, congrats on sticking it out!! I love getting to share bits and pieces of my life with you and I hope you love it too. Cheers to turning 38 and making it the most memorable yet <3



Ps. Shout out to my amazing husband for taking these photos of me and actually getting them in focus 😉 lol

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