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Progress over Perfection | West Kelowna Family Session

🎵 We may not be picture perfect but we worth the picture still 🎵 – J. Cole

Our outfits were hanging in my bedroom for weeks before we finally got to get out and take these pictures! Each week seemed like a new excuse as to why we couldn’t get out to do them. Being stranded at home without my own vehicle after almost a whole month of vehicle issues, the constant smoke from all the forest fires, sick kids, etc, etc. Finally, we had a free day and a vehicle to get out and do them! The kids didn’t have summer camp or daycare that day and I just picked up my new car the night before. When I woke up, I did a quick workout then showered and got myself all dolled up, I forgot how good it felt to do my hair, make up and put on something other than yoga pants! Then packed up the kids, all their extra clothes (including the dress I bought specially for these photos that still had the security tag attached 🤦‍♀️), grabbed my camera, a tripod and all the other “stuff”. Only to walk out the door to realize the smoke was even worse than the day before and my tripod was broken, ugh, but I had put the effort into getting ready, we were all packed up and I had already bribed the kids lol. So we ventured out anyway! We headed to Johnston Bentley in West Kelowna, I had spotted this great location after swimming lessons one day. It was hot, the smoke made it hard to breathe, the sun was creating a weird color cast on our skin through the smoky skies and the kids wanted no part of it! I was so disappointed because I had been looking forward to doing some photos with the kids for weeks!

But guess what.. even though the photos had gone totally as planned and didn’t quite turn out how I had envisioned, I still took the pictures! I made the best out of an unideal situation and now I have some adorable photos to display on my walls at home.

So what’s the point of me telling you this story? The point is we all need to stop waiting for things to be “picture perfect”. Too often we think, we need to lose weight, to have the perfect outfits, maybe we worry the kids won’t cooperate or the husband, etc, etc. Guess what… none of that is important! What is important is you showed up when it wasn’t perfect and it was worth it, maybe even better! You don’t see the chaos and the challenges that go with prepping for a photoshoot behind the scenes, especially with kids, but you know what you do see… A happy loving family, having fun and smiling faces (Ok maybe not always smiling faces but those make for good photos too LOL). So maybe you needed to hear this today! Maybe you are standing in your own way of planning your own family photos because the timing didn’t seem “perfect” or maybe its something else in your life. Whatever it is, stop waiting for perfect and embrace the chaos that is right now.

A motto that I am living by this year is “Progress over Perfection!

As a bit of a perfectionist myself, I promise that even when something isn’t perfect, it is always worth it and will be a moment worth remembering.



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