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9 Reasons to book Family Photos on your next Okanagan Vacation

If you have never considered getting professional photos while on your next Okanagan family vacation, let me give you a few reasons why!

Booking a photographer is definitely worth the splurge and something to save up for when budgeting for your next Okanagan family vacation. In this post I want to share my top 9 reasons why you should book a professional photographer on your next family vacation in the Okanagan or anywhere really.

Vacations hold some of our happiest and most special memories. They are filled with adventures and celebrations shared with the ones that we love.

1. Get the whole family in the photos

Getting photos of the entire family together is a task in itself, but to have everyone smiling and wearing clean clothes is something else. How often do you have to sacrifice being in the photo to be the one who is taking it? How often do you get the opportunity to have the whole family together in one photo? Hiring a local photographer for a photo session will ensure that you come home from your family vacation with not only amazing memories, but beautiful photographs that you can relive over and over.

2. Early morning sessions

I love me a good Sunset but let me give you a few good reasons to consider a sunrise shoot instead.

  1. The lighting is better for a longer period of time.
  2. You can beat the crowds in popular locations by getting there early.
  3. It can be hard to keep your kids up late in the summer months when the days are longer.
  4. Your photographer most likely won’t be fully booked for sunrise sessions.
  5. It can be cooler during that later in the day.
  6. Get the session done and out of the away so you can carry on with whatever you have planned for the rest of the day!

I don’t know about you, but when 2:00 hits and it’s cocktail time by the pool it can be a chore to round up the crew and pull them away from the fun for photos.

3. Ditch the selfie stick

Selfies are great for snapping great candid shots, sure you can ask a stranger to grab a photo for you and yes you are going to love the imperfective nature of those photos but moms let’s be real for a moment. All we want in life is beautiful photos of our family. Photos to capture the memories, freeze this moment in time and capture all the chaos that comes in between. Hiring a professional photographer will capture your family in a way that you will want to plaster those images all over the walls of your home and share with friends and family.

4. Leave the heavy equipment behind

No one likes to pack around the heavy camera, tripod and remote timer to take your own photos. Trust me! I pack mine for every family trip and I rarely end up taking photos on the “good camera”. And if I do, there aren’t even enough photos to even justify the inconvenience of lugging that thing around. Feel freer and lighter when you leave those items behind.

5. Break out those fancy outfits

Do you have that one dress in your closet that you have yet to wear? Have you been eyeing up an outfit that you love but have nowhere to wear it? Your photoshoot is the perfect place to break out those fancy outfits. Bonus: you’re on vacation so anything goes, right?

6. Get your own personal tour guide

When hiring a local photographer, not only will your photographer make the perfect suggestions when it comes to the session details (location, style choices and tips on family prep), but we can also offer suggestions and tips for the best food, drink, wineries or beaches in town! Don’t be afraid to ask…. “Where should we head next?”! We want your whole trip to be amazing even outside of your photoshoot with us.

7. Photos are the best kind of Vacation Souvenirs

I don’t know about you but I can’t ever go on vacation without buying a few keepsakes and souvenirs to bring back home. Whether it’s a magnet, coffee mug, new outfit or toy for the kids, I can always find something worth bringing back home. Replace your traditional souvenirs with a vacation photoshoot and have the ultimate souvenir to display in your home for years to come and pass down through generations as your family grows and changes.

8. What does this Vacation mean to you?

Is this a once in a life time vacation? A family tradition? Are you celebrating a special milestone? A girls trip? Whatever the reason you planned this trip, I bet you will be forever grateful you have it documented. I read an article last summer about how we only have 18 summers with our kids and that hit me right in the pit of my stomach. The years are flying by faster than I have ever imagined and I don’t know about you, but I want to document the heck out of all my family memories while the kids are still young. One day they will be trying to get out of coming on a family vacation, so for right now, I want you to embrace, enjoy and document this.

9. Hiring a photographer on Vacation will be so much fun

I know you want to enjoy your family vacation and be present with your family, that is why we make your photography experience so fun and memorable. We want this photoshoot to be just as much of a highlight from your vacation as that girls visit to that epic winery. We will make your whole family smile, laugh and have fun.

So next time you are visiting us here in the Sunny Okanagan consider booking a photoshoot to commemorate your family vacation. I promise you won’t regret it! Alysha Spencer Photography is happy to help serve you every step of the way. Summer dates book up quickly so act fast to book during peak times. If we aren’t able to accommodate you personally we are happy to recommend some equally amazing photographers who we trust will take just as good care as we will.

Some of my favourite spots to photograph families in the Okanagan are:

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