Alysha Spencer

Nixon | 6 years old

Who says cake smash sessions are just for first birthdays??

Each and every year now I do a cake smash session for each of my kids. I started this tradition after their first birthdays. It is such a fun and unique way to celebrate their birthday each year. To see Nixon’s last birthday CLICK HERE! They get to choose their theme (usually it coincides with their party theme) I do up a cute set and include some of their personal items and then bribe the crap out of them with cake and treats for sitting and taking some cute photos for me lol.

This year Nixon chose Pokemon!! He is a huge fan of Pikachu. He was so excited to get to devour this cake, well the icing because my weird kid doesn’t like actual cake lol. I love how these sessions really let his fun and crazy personality shine through.

Happy Champagne Birthday my boy!! 6 on the 6th this year <3

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