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What to Pack when you’re heading to Kelowna Hospital Maternity Ward

Wondering what you should pack in your bag before you head to the Kelowna Hospital Maternity Ward? It’s the #1 question I see and hear new moms asking constantly and in this blog I am going to share some great suggestions.

Every expectant momma will have different opinions on what is and isn’t important to tote along to the hospital but I think it’s great to have a go-to list of items to choose from so you feel prepared.

When Nixon was born he came almost 4 weeks early! Needless to say, I didn’t have my bag fully packed. A list like this would have come in handy while I was quickly packing to head to the hospital after my water broke. We lived about 40 minutes from the hospital and I had to send Brian home to grab some extra stuff at one point.

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What To Pack When You’re Headed To The Kelowna Hospital Maternity Ward


Whether you deliver naturally or have a section you will want comfortable loose-fitting clothing after you have baby. A robe or pyjamas can be great. Nursing tank tops are ideal (I don’t think I bothered with a nursing bra until I got home). Socks for your cold feet. Oversized full bum underwear, the hospital does provide the mesh ones so rock those as long as you can. A cute but comfy outfit for going home (I recommend a loose-fitting maxi dress) avoid anything tight around the belly in the event you have a c-section.

*It is also a great idea to bring an extra change of clothes for your spouse as well!


When your milk comes in you will be grateful for these. Some brands can be worse than others, I loved the Lansinoh brand.


Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, hair elastics, hair brush, facial wipes or face wash and some lotion. It can be good to pack shower supplies too! I was in there for a few days, so I made sure to shower before I went home and wish I had my own shampoo and body wash!


Snacks that will stay good in your bag for a few days or even some prepared food in a cooler. Hospital food isn’t the best and not every hospital has good options for food. Brian went on a few Timmy’s runs and I was grateful for that. Granola bars, crackers, chips, fruit, etc.


Phone chargers (with extra long cords), camera, wallet, change for parking and vending machines.

Now for some Baby specific items as you head to the Kelowna Hospital Ward:


Onesies with zippers were the best! A cute going-home outfit for baby (although Nixon just wore a sleeper, I forgot to dress him oops).


A few receiving blankets and a warmer blanket for the carseat.


Wet wipes!! The hospital will only provide dry ones and trust me you will want the wet ones. Although the hospital will provide newborn diapers it can be helpful to pack some premie or size 1s incase your baby doesn’t fit the newborn size.


Even if you don’t plan on using one it can be great to have on hand! Both of my deliveries ended up in a c-section which meant dad alone with the babies for hours while I was in recovery. A soother was his only source of comfort for them until I was able to come with my milk. Nuk was the only brand my kids liked, but there are some great options out there.

Some other things you might consider:


Post pardom pads(or boats as I called them lol). They provide some for you but they are HUGE so some moms feel comfortable using their own. Make sure you stock up to have some at home after the hospital as well.


The hospital might provide a sample but its nice to have your own. I went through this quickly, it also doubles as a great fix for cracked heels lol. Lansinoh was my favourite brand!


They provide you with a small cup/jug which you will drink fast. Sometimes its hard to get a refill when the nurses are busy so bringing your own can help.


Pillow or blanket. A lot of the time they won’t provide these for your partner. Sometimes its nice to have your own pillow anyway. Don’t forget the Nursing Pillow!


Don’t forget the carseat for the baby! I installed mine about a month before I was due so it was in the car already in case I went into early labour I already had it with me.

A few more quick notes:

Check with your hospital or other moms who have delivered there recently to see what they provide as it changes from year to year. You can usually expect them to provide newborn diapers, receiving blankets, and some diaper cream.

Hospital toilet paper sucks on your sensitive bits, it can be nice to pack your own!

Don’t forget to shoot your Kelowna Newborn photographer a quick “Baby is here!!” message so we can get you on our calendar within the next few weeks after delivery!

I hope you enjoyed my list of what to bring to the hospital! If you have any additional things you want to contribute, shoot me a message, I would love for you to share 🙂 Here are a few more great articles you might like:

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