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The 5 Top Rated Daycares in Kelowna, BC

Are you on the hunt for the best daycares in Kelowna? As a mom of two myself, I know the search for the perfect daycare can be overwhelming, but don’t worry!  I have put together this list to help ease your stress and ensure that your child is in good hands!

The Top 5 Rated Daycares in Kelowna


Little Owl Academy is a top-rated daycare in Kelowna that offers exceptional childhood care and education services. They provide care for children from 3 months to 5 years of age and ensure that every child receives personalized attention to support their individual needs. The staff here are experienced and dedicated to providing your child with the best care and education possible.


Kids Klub Daycare offers a fun, safe, and educational environment for your little ones. They offer care for children aged 10 months to 5 years while focusing on developing essential skills like socialization, communication, and problem-solving. The staff here are passionate about their work and committed to providing your child with a positive daycare experience.


Kiddies Daycare is a well-known and respected daycare in Kelowna. They have been providing quality care and education for over 25 years. They strive to create a warm and welcoming environment that feels like a second home for your child and offer programs for children aged 12 months to 5 years. The staff here are experienced and knowledgeable, and they prioritize the safety and happiness of your child.


Creative Kids Education Centre is a unique daycare in Kelowna that focuses on providing a creative and stimulating environment for children. They offer care for children aged 12 months to 5 years and provide a range of educational activities and programs to support your child’s development. The staff here are passionate and creative, and they work hard to provide a unique and engaging daycare experience for your child.


With several locations in the area, For the Kids Daycare offers a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for your child. Their experienced staff is dedicated to providing your little one with the best possible care and early learning experiences. Your child will engage in a variety of activities that promote social, emotional, and cognitive development. Plus, with flexible scheduling options, For the Kids Daycare can accommodate your family’s unique needs.

In conclusion, finding the right daycare for your child is crucial for their growth and development. These top-rated daycares in Kelowna offer exceptional care and education services, and we hope that this list helps you find the perfect daycare for your little one. Most daycares have long waitlists so be sure to start your research for the best daycare in Kelowna nice and early.

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