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Happy Mothers Day!

As a photographer, you would think I have so many amazing photos with my kids right? Nope lol. Although we are fortunate to have some amazing photos as a family, decent pictures of me solo with the kids on the other hand are few and far between! I will say though, that my husband’s attempt to take more pictures of me and the kids together has gotten a lot better, so I am super grateful for that, but I might need to send him to a photography class or something because he is lucky to get 1 in 10 photos in focus no matter how hard I try to teach him lol. The last few times we have done professional family photos done, the kids usually pull the “we only like/want to snuggle with dad card today” and protest mom, thanks kids lol. So this year I decided I was going to do a photoshoot with just me and the kids! 

I photographed Sabrina from Mynt photography’s baby bump recently and in return, we agreed she would do some photos for me. When she asked me what I wanted to do for photos. I said “You know what… I just want a couple really great photos of me and my kiddos”. We acted fast as the weather was amazing this past week, although we literally watched the weather turn as we drove from Mission to Langley.

Now I want to talk a little about all the challenges I faced when planning for this session so quickly. Under normal circumstances, you are planning for weeks, even months leading up to your session. I had like 2 days in the midst of a pandemic lol. 

• Outfits: All the stores were closed so I really had to dig through the closets to find clothing options that coordinated and FIT! And shoes.. thankfully I had scored some sales at the end of last summer and had a few items to choose from. 

• Hair: I was definitely due for a root touchup (I picked the worst timing to go so blonde lol) Brooklyn’s bangs needed a trim and Nixon’s hair was a mess from the last cut I did. But I bribed them with treats and was able to get them trimmed up and looking a little less like ragamuffins. 

• Confidence: I stood on the scale for the first time since this Corornavirus chaos started, needless to say, all the quarantine snacking and drinking had caught up to me. I definitely wasn’t feeling like my most confident self when it came to my body.

But you know what, even without being able to over-prepare, plan and execute everything just “perfectly” it ended up being one of the most fun, relaxed, successful sessions we have ever had. And….. I was flying solo with both kids, Brooklyn got carsick on the way there (you guessed it, I didn’t bring extra shorts, luckily I was waiting to put her WHITE top on when we arrived! What was I thinking I ALWAYS bring extra clothes), and the weather went from 24 degrees to like 16 from the time we drove from Mission to Langley so the kids were freezing (it started raining the second we got loaded up into the car).  

So the takeaway here. Sometimes putting less stress and expectations makes for a WAY more successful shoot! If you are like me you are overthinking everything! Do our outfits coordinate enough, are my kids going to be crazy and the photographer is going to judge me (PS. we don’t), is my husband going to happily cooperate. These are all things you have probably worried about but shouldn’t. We have seen it all and we have ways help conquer the stress you are feeling before and during the session. You don’t need to spend a fortune on outfits, accessories and shoes for “picture perfect photos”! You don’t need to be your ideal weight, your kids will probably never notice, I have ways to pose you to accentuate your shape and in the end if you don’t LOVE how you look in the photos because of confidence… its simple, just don’t share them online!! But I can pretty much guarantee, once you see them you will <3 All you need is some patience, some bribery and lots of snuggles for a successful session. Here is one of my all-time favourites from our session with Sabrina from Mynt Photography

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