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Brooklyn | 3 years Old

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Well, today is my little Brookie Bear’s 3rd birthday and I never would have expected that we would be cooped up at home unable to celebrate with family and friends. Instead of a big party this year, we spent the weekend close to home celebrating as a family of four. We rented a bouncy castle, had cake (twice), attempted to go to the drive-in but we didn’t get in, spent lots of time outside as the weather was beautiful and of course we did her 3rd birthday cake smash! I tried to make her whole birthday week extra special this year.

Brooklyn has matured so much this last year, often at times my husband and I forget that she is just 3. She is the true definition of a threenager!! Getting into all sort of mischief, talking back and standing her ground when she doesn’t get her way. Her vocabulary has gotten huge in the last few months, I still love when I can’t understand her though and have to decipher what she is trying to say. She wants to do everything herself, then loses it when she can’t and eventually needs mom to step in and help #stubborn. Most days she just wants to hang out with her big bro, Nixon, and do everything he is doing, some times it can be adorable but most times it ends up in a fight, oh the fights. She is sure challenging at this age, as she is testing every boundary she can, pushing everyones buttons and getting into anything and everything she can. She may be feisty but boy oh boy can she be sweet, I love her morning snuggles on the couch and I love how she wants to share everything (even if it is her last m&m).

Some fun facts about Brooklyn:

• She loves anything Let it Go *aka Frozen*

• She is a pretty good eater, but loves her cheese and chicken the most.

• She loves to sing and has the voice of um let’s say an angel lol.

• She currently enjoys swearing but mostly enjoys calling me out for swearing, then repeats said swear words with a big giddy grin on her face.

• She can be found sneaking snacks out of the fridge and pantry.

• She is still teeny tiny, mainly wearing 2t now but can still be found in some 18-24 month items lol.

• She can get going pretty good on her scooter but hasn’t mastered her bike or tricycle yet.

• She goes to bed all by herself in her big girl bed and usually stays there until morning, when you can hear her yelling for mommy or daddy to come get her. (but not tonight, if you saw my IG stories you will see she put up quite the fight going to bed tonight lol)

• She loves her dollies, loves to put them to sleep and tell everyone to be quiet then gives them shit for not listening lol.

To my baby girl on your third birthday. While you might not have been surrounded by all your friends and family this year, just know they sure wished they could be. Mom, dad and Nixon did everything we could to make your 3rd birthday extra special this year. Even though I am constantly wishing I could freeze time and keep you my little girl forever, I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you. Time is going by way to quickly and I am so grateful for these extra days hours and weeks together during this unprecedented time. Happy Birthday my sweet girl, I love you to the moon and back! <3

Now about her smash, a lot of the decor for this set was either, things I DIY’d myself or items I already had in the studio, which was awesome since I couldn’t go out and shop for her set this year!!

Shop for:

Brooklyn’s Bow from MG Kids

Brooklyn’s outfit from Amazon

Frozen Characters from Amazon

Blue Curtains from Amazon

Cake made by me!

Bangs courtesy of her momma (after her brother cut them for her! LOL)

To see photos from her 2nd birthday cake smash, head that blog post here!

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